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Do you ever feel like life would be easier if you could just quit drinking?

It is.
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I'm glad you're here.

You're here because you're questioning your drinking, and that's a good thing. Curiosity leads to growth.

There's no need to make any big decisions right now - just stay curious. Be proud of yourself for taking action. Keep asking the questions:

"Is alcohol taking up too much space in my life?"

"Is it serving me?"

"How is drinking affecting my brain/body/relationships?"

"Could my life be better without it?"


Meet Maureen Anderson

A guide with lived experience

Hello!  I'm Maureen, a certified Gray Area Drinking Master Coach and CCAR designated Recovery Coach Professional.


I'm a wife and a mother of four who enjoys reading, gardening, racquet sports, cold plunging, knitting, skiing, long walks and longer conversations.


I started my sober journey in 2018 and stopped drinking alcohol in 2020.  The early path to sobriety wasn't easy but the journey continues to open new worlds of self-discovery, mindfulness, and community.  What I thought of as the end turned out to be just the beginning.  


When you decide to stop drinking, I'll walk the path with you and provide somatic, cognitive, and emotional resources along the way.  We'll add in practices that'll comfort your nervous system and change your behavior.  We'll remove obstacles that are holding you back and discover your path to an alcohol-free life you're delighted with.

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“There is the life that most of us live, and then there is the life we have buried deep inside us, the life we know we’re supposed to be living.”

Holly Whitaker

Why recovey coaching

What is a recovery coach?

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Motivator + Cheerleader

Believes in the capacity for change. Motivates, encourages + celebrates.

Ally + Confidant

Actively listens, loyal, caring, trustworthy, stable + consistent.

Role model + Mentor

Offers an example of healthy living, walks the talk, provides recovery information.

High Five

Resource broker

Provides links to practices, community, and other supports. Has an established set of contacts and resources.

Problem solver

Identifies problem areas and assists with discovering options to solve them.

Truth teller

Helps identify patterns of behavior, offers suggestions, and provides honest + helpful information. Doesn't sugar coat

Are we a good fit?

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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I work with women who get up each day and get the job done.  They take care of their families, perform well at their jobs, practice “self-care”, and have good relationships.  The only problem is they can’t stop asking themselves the question, “Do I need to stop drinking?”


Together we can find the answers to that one big, scary question.  We can explore the possibility of what life could look like without alcohol.  Through our work together you’ll learn how to address your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental needs.  You’ll discover what it takes to regulate your nervous system so you won't need to reach for that glass (bottle) of wine at the end of the day.


  • Do you challenge yourself to take breaks from drinking but have a hard time staying stopped? 

  • Do you hide the extent of the physical and emotional effects of your drinking from your loved ones? 

  • Do you hear an inner voice telling you there’s a problem but ignore it because “only alcoholics have to stop drinking”?  

  • Are you conflicted because you suffer internally but haven’t hit a “rock bottom” bad enough to make you quit?


You’re not alone.  I’ve been where you are.  There’s a better way to live.  What would happen if you could:


  • Have more peace of mind.

  • Wake up not regretting drinking the night before (and promising yourself you won’t do it again).

  • Be more present with the people in your life instead of looking forward to, or recovering from, drinking.

  • Have the free time, energy, and head space to do the things that you want to do - that light you up and make you happy!


I’m a certified Gray Area Drinking Master Coach, a CCAR designated Recovery Coach Professional and member of the IARCP (International Association of Recovery Coach Professionals).  I’m an ally, confidant, motivator, cheerleader, truth teller, problem solver, role model, mentor, resource broker, advocate, friend, companion, and lifestyle consultant.⁠  I’ll help you find practices that will comfort your nervous system and change your behavior.


Book a free, 15 minute call today to see if we’re a good fit.  I look forward to hearing from you!

"The typical question is, Is this bad enough for me to have to change? The question we should be asking is, Is this good enough for me to stay the same? And the real question underneath it all is, Am I free?"

Laura McKowen

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"Working with Maureen leveled up my way of being in my body and in my mind. Framing and reframing my drinking habits with Maureen gave me concrete ways to change and grow. She gave resources tailored to my needs and my personality, with my goals at the front of her mind. Her coaching has helped me seriously evaluate my drinking and move from sober curious to sober serious. She is wonderful, warm, and count on growing with Maureen!"

— Christina K

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