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How to not drink when your partner does

Updated: Feb 28

I'll apologize in advance to my husband, Wyatt, who reads these blog posts. Talking about how I stopped drinking while having a partner who drinks means I need to talk about our experience. It's ok though because it was a pretty good experience. Not easy, but good. Telling Wyatt my thoughts (and fears) about quitting drinking made them REAL. It was, honestly, a turning point in making sobriety stick. I'm lucky enough to have a partner who supports me in this choice. He's invested in my well-being, just like I'm invested in his. I bet if you decide to share your intentions (and fears) about not drinking with your partner, they'll support you too. You'll never know unless you have the discussion. Here are a few thoughts on how to NOT drink when your partner DOES. ⬇️

Say it, ask for it + don't expect it

Say it 🎤

It's as simple as that. Tell your partner what's on your mind. It could sound like:

  • “I'm worried about my drinking and I don't know what to do about it”

  • “I think I want to stop drinking and I'm scared”

  • “I'm going to take a break from drinking for 30 days”

  • “I've decided to stop drinking and I need your support”

Ask for it 🆘